Presenting Inscape, St. Joseph’s Catholic School’s Literary and Arts Magazine. The club received a new brand style guide and website to showcase the creative works of students, teachers, and alumni.


In order to determine the functionality and layout of the site, I wireframed out the major pages for both desktop and mobile.


In keeping with Inscape’s clean and upbeat theme, groups of bright colors were chosen to complement the variety of work. The colors may be adapted to fit various themes and categories.


The Mosk typeface was selected to keep the headings and forms bold, yet friendly. On the other hand, Crimson Text was chosen as a body and caption font for both legibility and the literary and academic feel.


The Nucleo Icon Set, with its unified set of glyph icons, is a good fit for Inscape. Its bold feel matches that of the Mosk typeface, and helps tie the design together.


Occasionally, cards may be used to either highlight particular pieces of information, or serve as a backdrop in order to make information more legible. However, cards should not stack on one another.

Buttons and Forms

Buttons and forms are bold, and are meant to grab the users’ attention. In order to be the focus, the buttons should be the reverse of their background color.


With the functionality, layout, and branding all designed, I put the pieces together to create mockups for Inscape’s website.


The website is currently being coded, and is expected to be completed by the summer of 2018. Feel free to view the high-fidelity mockups.